Baracuda® S3 Robotic

The S3 Robotic is built on Baracuda's long history as a global leader in automatic pool cleaning technology.

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  • Wait approximately 15 minutes after the cycle is completed before removing the cleaner from the water. This allows the motor to cool, and will prevent damage to the cleaner.
  • Remove S3 Robotic from the pool after the cleaning cycle is completed and store on the caddy.
  • Never lift S3 Robotic out of the pool by the floating cable. Always use the handle to remove S3 Robotic from the pool. Diagram 8, user manual.
  • Remove S3 Robotic from pool when super chlorinating.

Exploded Parts Diagram

Zodiac Baracuda S3 Robotic Parts List

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Model Description  
R05131 Baracuda S3 Foam Brush Kit Fluidra
R05132 Baracuda S3 Fine Filter Bag Fluidra
R05060 Baracuda S3 Cable Grease Fluidra

Frequently Asked Questions

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The cleaner is not moving at all.
1. Check that the power supply’s electrical plug is functioning correctly. Try another electrical product to verify. 2. Check that you have started a Perfect or Turbo cleaning cycle.
The cleaner is not properly adhering to the bottom of the pool.
Repeat the instructions noted in "Submerging the Cleaner" section of the manual (TL-3200) to release trapped air.
The cleaner seems to be performing less efficiently.
1. Ensure the surface of the brushes have not become smooth. We recommend that the brushes are changed every two (2) years, or sooner if they are worn. 2. Ensure the filter element is not full or clogged. If it is, simply clean it. 3. Ensure the floating cable is not excessively coiled or twisted.
The cleaner will not climb the walls.
1. Ensure the filter element is not full or clogged up. If it is, simply clean it. 2. Although the water seems clear, your pool may contain microscopic algae (not visible to the naked eye), which are making the sides slippery and are preventing the cleaner from climbing them. In this case, super chlorinate the pool and adjust the pH level. Do not leave the cleaner in the pool during super chlorination.